The European Project Co-Fresh

Working together to create sustainable and competitive European value chains for fruit and vegetables, including high protein yields



Starting from current best practices and key success factors of innovative value chains, and the state of the art in technological and non-technological approaches, the main objective of CO-FRESH is to (re)design and pilot innovative systemic approaches to agri-food value chains to scale up this innovation at the European level. These innovative approaches will improve the economic, social and environmental performance/efficiency of these value chains, through smart integration of technological, social, organisational, managerial and institutional innovations; all of which serve to make them more sustainable.

Project Partners


Pilot Cases

Agri-food value chains


CO-FRESH Business Model Leaflets

The CO-FRESH project presents a portfolio of 7 innovative, sustainable and competitive business models in the agri-food value chain, taking into account the three pillars of successful value creation and appropriation strategies: (a) Value proposition, b)...

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Preliminary results of LOWINFOOD at the Retaste Conference

From 27 to 29 September 2023, several partners of LOWINFOOD joined the Retaste Conference in Athens, Greece. The conference was organised by Harokopio University, which is also a partner of the project. LOWINFOOD partners presented that the Regusto bag is a good tool...

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Foodrus: Zero Waste Cooking book

Foodrus: Zero Waste Cooking book

Did you know that over one-third of all bread produced globally goes to waste? To reduce food waste the FOODRUS #H2020 Project partners from Slovakia 🇸🇰 have prepared a cookbook dedicated to Zero Waste cooking full of delicious recipes that give bread a second life!...

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The CO-FRESH project aims to provide techniques, tools and insights on how to make agri-food value chains more environmentally sustainable, socio-economically balanced and economically competitive.

26 Partners from 10 countries are participating in the project. Included are 7 pilot cases with 7 different agri-food value chains.


The Future of Food Conference

EIT Food’s 2023 flagship conference will be the last before institutional change at European level in 2024. It provides a unique opportunity for the largest food community in the world to inspire lawmakers, by sharing evidence-based insights, business cases, and...

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EU Agri-Food Days

The 2023 edition of the EU Agri-Food Days will include the EU Agricultural Outlook Conference on 6-7 December, followed by the Agri-Digital Conference on 8 December 2023. The in-person event will be web-streamed. Come to the first ever edition of the EU Agri-Food Days...

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The consortium brings together key actors from agri-food value chains from 10 different countries:

  • Agri-food companies and actors’ associations (farmers, food producers, cooperatives, consumers);
  • Experts in technological (including digital) solutions and non-technological (including social, organizational and institutional) solutions;
  • Experts in environmental, social, economic and sustainability issues, and in consumer’s acceptance.


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