Soil is the foundation of our lives. Soil services are essential for the provision of food through agriculture, energy and raw materials, carbon sequestration, water purification, nutrient regulation, biodiversity preservation and pest control, to name but a few. Under Horizon 2020, several projects were dedicated to advancing research efforts in soil health. These efforts will be carried forward under the EU’s new Horizon Europe programme.

CORDIS (EU research results) has just launched a “Results Pack” highlights projects working in the field of soil research that have recently finished or will soon end and also introduces two newer projects that promise to make valued contributions over the coming years. The 12 fully featured projects in this “Results Pack” highlight the synergies between what has already been achieved and how these results can be taken further under Horizon Europe and the proposed EU mission in the area of Soil health and food.

The information included in this “Results Pack” can be found in 12 different European languages!