Author(s):Luminita Ciolacu, Katherine Flynn, and Ana Ramalho

There is a growing interest in making food chains more sustainable, highly circular, less complex, and less dependent on specific actors and resources. Many stakeholders working in different areas of the food chains aim to achieve more efficient processes, and products with a smaller ecological footprint. A new paradigm explored by the FAIRCHAN project is the definition and development of Intermediate Food Value Chains (IFVC). This concept empowers producers to move from a local to a regional area of operation, joining forces, sharing costs and having fairer prices. And, at the same time, remaining close to consumers.
In this context the FAIRCHAIN consortium developed two online trainings, the ‘Introduction’ directed to anyone interested in finding out more about the IFVC, and the ‘From Short to Intermediate’ teaching actors how to grow their operation.

“Introduction to Intermediate Food Value Chains” (2-hour course) and “From Short to Intermediate Food Value Chains” (4-h course) are freely available on the Sustainable Food System Innovation Platform.
Register! Motivate yourself and follow the courses at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. In the end get your certificate!

A third course is now being developed on the innovative process of co-creation in which a collaborative system is used during the development of the product/innovation to incorporate the visions of those involved in the food chain.


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