DITECT: DIgital TEChnologies as an enabler for a conTinuous transformation of food safety system

The contamination of food is a worldwide concern for public health and a cause of international trade problems. Dr Nychas, professor at the Athens University of Agriculture and DiTECT’s coordinator, and a team of experienced researchers from Europe and China have joined forces to transform and set the cornerstones of the future food safety monitoring platforms.

Dr Nychas and Mr Moysiadis representing Future Intelligence (FINT) from CO-FRESH project exchanged views and current information on the progress of the two projects and found similarities on the transformation potential for the traditional agrifood value chains. Especially regarding to the technological aspects, both projects will exploit IoT and agrifood data spaces, among others.  Both researchers agreed that CO-FRESH shall benefit of the niche part that DiTect focuses, food safety, and the relevant optimisations. On the other hand, DiTECT may enlarge its approach on achieving food safety by acknowledging the social and technical innovations introduced in CO-FRESH engaging and educating more value-chain partners in the domain.

More information on DiTECT project may be found here