In April 2021, the referent farmers for “Le Porc Fermier de la Sarthe” (CO-FRESH Pilot Case 4) welcomed Actalia during a visit to the pig farms to prepare the work of WP4. Anthony Rouault and Alexandre Moreno, Actalia’s advisers, identified data to be collected on the farms.

The questionnaire will be finalized at the end of April. Sarine Merley, CAPDL, will carry out surveys among the 20 “Le Porc Fermier de la Sarthe” feeders from May 2020. This survey is the base to collect the various data with a view to carrying out the environmental, social and economic assessments planned as part of WP4.

CO-FRESH WP4 aims to assess the sustainability of all targeted and developed innovations into the project. First, a baseline assesment will be provided for the 7 Pilot Cases of the project. A second assesment will be provided after the implementation of innovations. The assessment will be based on scientific approach by using Life Cycle Assessment, Social Life Cycle Assessment, Extended Cost Benefit analysis and consumer surveys and will cover the three pillars of sustainable development: environmental, social and economic impacts.

A short video and some pictures from the visit can be found below.

Text: Servane Gougeon (CAPDL) & Anthony Rouault (Actalia)