SmartAgriHubs offers funding to digital innovation services providers. This includes the overall lifecyle for developing, seting-up, offerring, providing, testing, validating, refining as well as enhancing services for Digital Transformation and Innovation. You can receive either 70 or 100% of funding to cover your eligible costs. This shall help you to:

  • Become a regional partner for innovation in the agri-food domain,
  • Support preparation & realisation of Innovation Experiments for free, and/or
  • Join a pan-European Innovation Network as a Node in your region

Proposed work shall be coordinated by Digital Innovations Hubs (DIHs). As we consider a “Digital Innovation Hub” as a Role of an organisation than its only purpose, all kinds of organisations could apply that aim at the set-up and offering of DIH services. The fol-lowing figure presents typical examples for innovation services SAH considers very valuable to promote digital transformation in the European Agri-Food Sectors.

Further information can be found here