The SMARTCHAIN project just launched a guide to the implementation of the method for improving the competitiveness of Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs) through the application of innovations.This guide has been developed by CAMPDEN BRI.

There is growing consumer demand for the products and services of SFSCs in recent times. However, SFSCs sometimes have little bargaining power. Thus, one of the most obvious methods for increasing competitiveness is differentiation based on the “value for money” concept. To provide value for the consumers, each SFSC organization needs to define and be aware of the specific value it can provide, the reason, and why the customers will choose its product. Therefore, it is essential to define the consumer-focused “value propositions” of each SFSC organization to see the actual and the further opportunities to develop. This new SMARTCHAIN guide addresses this method.

Check this very interesting and useful document here!