The SMARTCHAIN project has developed the “Best practice guide for the implementation of innovative solutions in SFSCs“. This guide includes:

a) The meaning and key aspects of SFSCs.
b) An overall description of the SFSC context in Europe.
c) The definition and types of innovation.
d) Examples of successful innovation.
e) General recommendations for implementing innovation.
f) A step-by-step guide to help the practitioner on the road to innovation.
g) A tool for using innovation for redesigning SFSCs to face off SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

This guide is also a tool for identifying opportunities and strategies to enable successful regional technological, non-technological and social innovations.

For the convenience of the users, a short graphic version of the guide has also been prepared. Check this useful tool here!

Both guides have been developed by SMARTCHAIN partner AZTI.