CO-FRESH, in collaboration with the H2020 RUR-06 project FAIRCHAIN, has released the Sustainable Food System Innovation Platform (
The platform is a continuation of the former SMARTCHAIN Innovation Platform, a stakeholder-focused database for innovations, initiatives, publications, and e-learning material from the sector of food supply chains. It aims to enhance opportunities for collaboration, create sector-specific knowledge, generate training materials on best practices in food supply chains and share information about supply chain innovations.

Throughout the last years of using and managing the SMARTCHAIN Innovation Platform, certain advantages and disadvantages have been analyzed, on which CO-FRESH and FAIRCHAIN aim to build upon in the future. With the introduction of improved filter options, as well as an innovation rating system, new features were added to the innovation database. Both systems are intended to assist platform users in identifying relevant and proven innovations more easily. For the first time, the platform will also greatly benefit from the sister projects LOWINFOOD, FOODRUS and PLOUTOS who will be valuable contributors to the knowledge databases and platform community.

Visit the new Sustainable Food System Innovation Platform and become part of the community by registering at