At the beginning of 2023, the CO-FRESH project applied for the Horizon Results Booster Service, a service offered by the European Commission to boost the exploitation potential of research results through effective dissemination and go-to-market strategies. Among the various results, CO-FRESH has produced so far, three of the most suitable ones for exploitation have been selected as Key Exploitable Results (KER).

The selected KERs include one technological innovation related to the development of a meat alternative, as well as two non-technological innovations including a novel certification mark for quality assurance, and a tool for assessing collaboration dynamics in sustainability-focused innovation processes. After an initial online meeting between the KER leaders and representatives of the Booster service, dedicated core working groups were established for each KER with the aim of specifying exploitation strategies. For this purpose, an initial exploitation roadmap, including proposed actions, milestones, costs, and expected impact, as well as a comprehensive risk assessment and priority mapping to define risk factors associated to each KER has been defined and will be refined in the upcoming project period.

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