Goal: To enhance sustainability across the agri-food value chain

UNICA, Coexphal, and the University of Almería are carrying out an innovation project within the CO-FRESH program to promote a more sustainable and efficient agri-food value chain in terms of design, production, and delivery of La Caja Saludable, which is UNICA’s e-commerce platform.

Two innovations have been selected within the project. The first one provides transparent information to consumers about the products in the Classic Healthy Box, which is one the references delivered on the e-commerce. This information includes traceability, certifications, origin, production techniques, and social responsibility, among other aspects of the different products. This has been made possible through the design of a landing page accessed via a QR code. Link to the website: https://productos.lacajasaludable.es/

As a second innovation, a new product reference has been created, the Zero Waste Box, which is made from surplus produce and aims to combat food waste with a strong focus on environmental and social sustainability.

In this way, CoFresh actively engages in educating consumers about sustainability and health while providing them with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their value chain.