Felelős Gasztrohős, the Hungarian member of the CO-FRESH project, with the cooperation and support of Pilze-Nagy Kft., carried out its campaign “On the tablecloth: the mushroom” in October 2022, the aim of which is to increase the consumption of mushrooms. as widely known as possible among consumers. the inherent values and challenges. Mushrooms are one of our oldest sources of food, and they are also seen as a new protein source of the future.

In the framework of the professional program “LET’S GO TO THE ALTERNATIVE PROTEIN! NOT A PLANT, NOT AN ANIMAL, BUT A MUSHROOM”, we looked for the answer to how to deliver fresh, environmentally friendly packaging during a round table discussion. to consumers. On the other hand, the conversation was about what treasures, exploited and still unexploited locations the world of mushrooms hides in our nutrition, tourism and food production.

The mushroom round table:
• Dr. Somos Adrienn Nagy, Pilze-Nagy Kft.
• Eszter Kiss-Szabó, Felelós Gastrohós,
• Tibor Vrancsik, Erdőkert,
• Tibor Sebestyén, Ökosys Zrt.
• Ágnes Szegedyné Fricz, Kislépték Association, moderator,

Eszter Kiss-Szabó highlighted the results achieved in the mushroom campaign of Responsible Gastrohós. In the online campaign and at the product presentations organized together with the restaurants, they were able to address a wide range of consumers. What a diverse role mushrooms play in our everyday meals, what health-preserving properties are hidden in cultivated and wild mushrooms. Useful information about its purchase and storage, as well as countless recipes, were shared during the campaign.

Dr. Adrienn Nagy explained in detail that, as a member of the CO-FRESH project, during the mushroom campaign, countless useful, practical knowledge was delivered to consumers through online communication channels. One way to increase fresh consumption is to teach consumers how to store fresh mushrooms after purchase and for how long, as well as to present new recipes and kitchen technology solutions.

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