CNTA’s Inés Echeverria and Edelbis López Dávila from the University of Ghent attended The Policy Game Seminar “FARM, FOOD, FOLK! Reshaping EU Policies on Agri-food Systems” at the Confagricoltura offices in Rome. Together with Eduardo Cotillas (FIAB R&I Director), CO-FRESH co-coordinated the session tackling CAP in view of security & innovation in agri-food chains.

The purpose of the seminar was to rethink the political agenda and promote food security, food sovereignity, stability, and growth in Europe, taking into account climate change, geopolitical distrust, military tensions and price instability.

Together with scientists, policy experts and other actors of the food economy, this event presented a tremendous opportunity to reflect on the necessary convergence between bottom-up and top-down policy design, with the aim of reducing conflicts in the policy arena and accelerating effectively implementable policy measures.

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