The Shaping the Production of Sustainable, Healthy Foods for the Future

The  36th EFFoST International Conference 2022, under the motto ‘Shaping the Production of Sustainable, Healthy Foods for the Future’, will be held between November 7-9 2022 at the University College Dublin, Ireland.

Healthy and sustainable food systems are at the heart of maintaining intact environments and human health and and are a joint undertaking of multiple disciplines. During the ’22 Effost conference, a range of experts from the field of food technology, safety, circularity and sustainability will be gathered to discuss some of the most pressing challenges and present ways forward to sustainable and healthy food systems.

The 2022 edition will feature five subtopics, exploring the theme of the conference:

  • Green Food Processing – Innovations to meet the future challenges of food production
  • Developments in foods to underpin an appealing, healthy, sustainable diet
  • Advances to enhance food safety, security, authenticity and integrity
  • Implementing the circular economy across the food chain
  • Market perception of food processing and sustainable, healthy diets


Early bird registrations will be open from September 4th!
Fore more information, please visit the official conference website.