AGRIMAX – Tackling Europe’s food waste problem

Agrimax is an EU-funded project that is developing and demonstrating the production of multiple, high-value products from crop and food-processing waste. The project is also developing economically competitive routes to the commercialisation of these products, using flexible, and possibly cooperatively run, processing facilities.

To mark the construction and commission of its two multi-feedstock pilot plants (biorefineries) the EU-funded Agrimax project is hosting an online event to showcase the ground-breaking new facilities in Spain and Italy.

The Italian pilot plant is based at family-run farm, Chiesa in the North of Italy and is processing waste from tomatoes and cereals to produce biobased compounds such as lycopene, ferulic acid, cutin, and hydrocompost. Whilst the Spanish pilot plant, based at fruit processing company Indulleida in the South of Spain will do the same for olive and potato waste to produce polyphenols, fibres, proteins and aromas.

Join consortium partners from across Europe, to see how they have worked together to develop a range of high-value, biobased products for the chemical, food-packaging and farming sectors from by using unavoidable crop and food-processing waste.

Date: Tuesday 20th July 2021, 10am – 12pm (CET)
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