Mark your calendars for March 14th as the CO-FRESH project prepares to host an open stakeholder event that promises to unveil transformative innovations born from a co-creation approach implemented across 7 pilot cases. This significant event is set to bring together a diverse community of stakeholders, including farmers, food producers, cooperatives, researchers, and policymakers. The goal? To share knowledge, tackle policy-related challenges, and accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices across Europe’s agrifood value chains.

The CO-FRESH project has been at the forefront of pioneering solutions to address the pressing challenges facing the agrifood sector. Through a collaborative co-creation approach, the project has engaged stakeholders from various backgrounds, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise. 

Save the date for March 14th and join the CO-FRESH project in celebrating the power of collaboration, innovation, and co-creation. Together, we can drive positive change in Europe’s agrifood sector and build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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The provision agenda can be seen below, or downloaded here PROVISIONAL AGENDA.v2: